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Teaser Tuesday - What is it?

We’re back! Obvious? Bet you don’t know whose it is…

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

12 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – What is it?

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  • It appears that there is a lack of insulation around a can light in a drop near a doowall/window.

  • Dan Laughbon

    I’ve got the same thought as MR.Kline, but the area could also be a diffuser in a HVAC supply line, with bad connection allowing AC cold air to “spill” out in the surrounding space. Maybe other insulation issues in the drop and corner.Or moisture?.

  • It appears that there is a lack of insulation around a can light in a drop near a doowall/window. (And it’s at your house!)

  • Mike Stewart

    I agree with Mr. Kline – but why would someone put a diffuser near a door / window? I could buy it to be a can light – located in a recess- for a vaulted ceiling that was not insulated very well. It also looks like where the ceiling starts to go up that the contractor didn’t insulate the “face” all that well.

  • Matt

    I’m with mike stewart. It’s too strong of a gradient to be a moisture signature. Look at the window around the frame, too… looks like it’s on the windy side of the house!

  • Dan Laughbon

    HAHA!.like I said I agree with MR. Kline, however I have seen a couple of D.I.Y’ers do some off the wall stuff,and one guy did just want I mentioned as an option, belive it or not!.sense this is a teaser I thought I’d throw it out there just in case.

  • Вы попали в самую точку. Мысль отличная, согласен с Вами….


  • I am going with the leaking air duct, however I thing the diffuser was removed and the cold round area is a patch

  • That should have said I think, not thing.

  • I’ll call it missing insulation, I got a bunch of these type images.
    Millon dollar homes are built by the same subs that build the cheaper ones!

  • Brian Brooks

    It looks like its colder outside. The duct would show a warm spot. A leak in the vapor barrier above the window would cause the cold exterior air to leak in. The cold spot looks to be a poorly insulated can light, like Mike Kline said.