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Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

It looks like everyone’s professional experience makes this week’s image an easy guess–we think your insight is “cool” (bad joke).

Infrared Image

Visible Light Image

Answer: This is an infrared image of a window-mounted air conditioning unit, not long after it had first been turned on. If you adjust your level and span properly, you can watch as the coolant begins moving through the coils. For some of these units, it takes quite a while for the coolant to completely circulate through the system. In such cases, as with boiling water–just sit back and relax… It will cool off the room soon enough– and it doesn’t happen any faster when you watch!

4 comments to Teaser Infrared Image – The Answer

  • That would be really cool to watch! I’ve gotta get me one of them fancy IR picture thingies.

  • Michael Stuart

    It actually is interesting to watch with an infrared camera. You can literally see the coolant pulsing little by little as the unit warms up… er cools down. 😉 You can often find unexpected problems by doing this as well.

    Then again, I’m a self-professed thermography geek… I like to watch just about anything in infrared!

  • Ben

    We use our TRI1 for fault finding on Air conditioning units. It tells us with in minutes where the fault is!! cuts down allot of time.

  • Michael Stuart

    Ben… you got it! You can also use them for the big commercial units to check for clogged cooling fins, which result in impeded airflow… and I won’t even get into compressor inspection. 😉