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Teaser Infrared Image – The Answer

Awesome participation this week—thanks for all your answers! We agree with Mr. Mike Kline as well… 🙂

Infrared Image

Answer: Image is of an insufficient insulated home! I’m sure you all knew this…so let us go more in-depth.  First off, it is the home of our very own John Pratten (go figure!).  John did a visual inspection of the area and noted plenty of insulation, but it was bunched up in areas leaving some open air gaps (of sorts) above the ceiling sheet rock.  The image is of the north west corner in his home, taken during the winter with a slight wind from the north.  The breeze from the north did help to exacerbate the problem by increasing the air pressure on the north side of the house, similar to the effects you might have from using a blower door.  And that dark spot in the center of the fir down?  It is a caned recess flood light!

Stay tuned for next Tuesday’s teaser image!

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