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The View From the Roof

The snow is nearly melted here in Central Vermont. If you are responsible for the maintenance of those low-slope roofs under which we work and live in, this is a great time to get up on the roof and conduct a spring inspection. A simple walkover with an inspection checklist in hand can […]

Safety Happens Every Day

Every single day is a good day to think about safety. It is on my mind this week, especially, after a good friend was involved in a highway accident—clear roads, car in good repair, driving with her 5-year old child (in a child’s seat in the rear) and she just got tired and fell asleep. […]

Remarkable New Infrared Imaging Systems I am stunned!

I am stunned! After 28 years of using thermal imagers, I’ve recently used one that allows me to see things I have never seen before. The price? Under $10,000! Now I realize a $10K system is far from the least expensive system on the market—which gets you asking, as you should be, why should you […]

Introduction to Thermography for Building Sciences Seminar— with Michael Stuart and Home Performance Washington

Michael Stuart

On Thursday, January 20 in our backyard (Seattle, WA),  Michael Stuart of Fluke Thermal Imaging will give an all-day seminar on the basics of thermography for building sciences. Hosted by Home Performance Washington (HPW), this 6-8 hour seminar will cover the capabilities and limitations of infrared thermography technology, applications of the technology […]

That Old North Wind

Last week we talked about dressing for winter weather, in a ‘how-to’ post on reducing heat loss from our bodies. We’ve all experienced how difficult it is to stay warm when that “Old North Wind” is blowing cold. Wind—or forced convective heat transfer as it can also be termed—seems to “go right through” even the […]

Bundle Up Your Overcoats!

Adding more layers of clothing helps us keep warm in the winter by reducing heat transfer. But Frosty seems to do just fine without any additional layers.

In much of the country, including NC and GA where I just spent a couple weeks, the weather is quite “seasonal,” meaning it is getting cold—right on […]

RESNET, BPI and Home Star—Important Organizations and Programs for Energy Efficiency

Most thermographers who inspect buildings know RESNET (Residential Energy Service Network), a 15-year old organization, as the “owner” of a program called Energy Star™. By helping homeowners rate the energy performance of new homes and linking that to financing options, RESNET has played a key role in ensuring that new homes use less energy than […]

Getting Ready for “Winter” Building Energy Inspections

John Snell in Winter Mode

As winter makes itself known—undeniably so here in Vermont, with hard frosts, flurries of “hard water” and a couple feet of snow in the mountains—it is useful to review the procedures and techniques for using our imagers to find problems, especially those in buildings.

Industry standards, including the new RESNET […]

Free Hands-on Thermal Imaging Training Seminars—with Fluke!

We, at Fluke, have always been big advocates for education. As some of you know, we deliver hands-on (yes, hands-on—that means you get to play with the imagers!) training seminars all around the country. These seminars are designed to teach you the fundamentals of thermal imaging, how to troubleshoot faster and find problems using the […]

Being in the Right Place (at the right time)!

I’ve often noticed that many new thermographers seem to have “glue” on the bottoms of their shoes! Once they lift the imager up to look at something, they become so absorbed they forget to move into an optimal viewing position. As a result, they often either miss what they really need to see or they […]