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Tear-Duct Test Defined---And Why it is Important for Your Thermal Camera

The “tear-duct test” is a recommended test to verify the calibration of your thermal camera. The suggestion follows that before the thermographer goes out to the factory floor to do a thermal scan (or house to do an energy audit/scan), he/she would turn the infrared camera on (also validating that the camera works and batteries […]

Standards & Written Inspection Procedures---Recipes for Thermal Inspection Success!

Written inspection procedures are essential to produce high-quality results.  For example, trying to bake a cake without a recipe would be much more difficult than having a recipe to follow—so, therefore, written inspection procedures can be referred to as “recipes for success.”

While they are an investment, creating these “recipes for success” does not need to […]

Discovering Ice Dams using a Thermal Imager

by John Pratten, Fluke Thermography, Plymouth MN

We had quite an interesting winter here in Minnesota this past year and because of the combination of snow and temperature, we had the perfect environment for some pretty good ice dams—if you lacked the proper ventilation and insulation in your attic or roof structure.

I recently visited a […]

Planning to do a Thermal Inspection: Steps to Prepare You and Your Thermal Imager!

by John Pratten, Fluke Thermography, Plymouth MN

There are some simple but important things to think about prior to getting into your car to head for your first appointment, or walking across the plant floor to the first asset you need to scan.  At first glance, you may see these steps as totally obvious and […]