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That Old North Wind

Last week we talked about dressing for winter weather, in a ‘how-to’ post on reducing heat loss from our bodies. We’ve all experienced how difficult it is to stay warm when that “Old North Wind” is blowing cold. Wind—or forced convective heat transfer as it can also be termed—seems to “go right through” even the […]

Getting Ready for “Winter” Building Energy Inspections

John Snell in Winter Mode

As winter makes itself known—undeniably so here in Vermont, with hard frosts, flurries of “hard water” and a couple feet of snow in the mountains—it is useful to review the procedures and techniques for using our imagers to find problems, especially those in buildings.

Industry standards, including the new RESNET […]

Locating Levels in Tanks

The liquid/air interface of an egg is usually obvious. Take a look and you’ll see!

Thermographers are often surprised by what we find and no wonder because we are looking at the world as it has never been seen by the average person! I can still remember the first time, poking around the kitchen […]

Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

We went pretty easy on you this week…

Infrared Image

Answer: The infrared image is of an outside wall outlet, which needs a bit of insulation! This image was taken at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis in January.  The outlet is located on a west wall and there was a light wind from the […]

Roof Moisture and Infrared Thermography

Fly into any city or drive around one and you will notice acres and acres of low-slope roofs. These roofs are integral to commercial buildings in particular. On average, these roofs develop a serious leak within a year of installation and, typically as a result of the trapped moisture, they degrade and about […]

Locating Building Air Leakage Using Infrared Thermography

We now know that adequately insulating buildings, while essential, is only part of what is required to minimize the energy use and maintain comfort. Buildings also leak air, typically three or more times than is useful, and most kinds of insulation don’t necessarily control it. Excessive air leakage can also cause moisture problems and, in […]

Teaser Infrared Image – The Answer

Awesome participation this week—thanks for all your answers! We agree with Mr. Mike Kline as well… 🙂

Infrared Image

Answer: Image is of an insufficient insulated home! I’m sure you all knew this…so let us go more in-depth.  First off, it is the home of our very own John Pratten (go […]