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End of an Era

What a glorious sight the orbiter was in nearly all positions but this one, in particular, as the booster fuel tanks were being released is amazing. Photo courtesy NASA.

After 135 missions in 30 years the space shuttle program has come to an end. The accomplishments were remarkable and the legacy the program has […]

We Can Help Cool Things Down!

For the past two weeks, I’ve talked about climate change and how we as thermographers can have a real role in slowing down the deadly effects we’ve begun to see. Our role can not only help to educate people—but also to directly slow our use of the world’s precious resources. So much of what thermographers do […]

Back to Basics (again), Part 2

Last week we talked about learning to recognize when the thermal images are in perfect focus and then practicing the techniques until you have confidence in your abilities to focus. Hopefully, no matter how long you’ve been using an imager, you’ve worked on those skills.

When you need a little extra help focusing, put […]

Back to Basics (again), Part 1

When a thermal image is poorly focused, like this of an electrical component, both accurate temperature measurement and interpretation are challenging or impossible. It is also just poor professional practice.

I hope I don’t put too many of you off with this, but I feel I must (again) revisit a couple of basic issues. […]

Cooking Up Some Heat Transfer

As many of you know, I enjoy cooking.

Need an excuse to grill? Fire up the BBQ, get out the imager and call it a lesson in Thinking Thermally!

Not only because I like the results—good food—but also because it’s a fun place to practice Thinking Thermally™. With the grilling season fast upon us, there […]

Practical Use of Thermal Capacitance

Last week, we talked about how researchers recently discovered pyramids long buried in the deserts of Egypt. Their “secret” technique is, in part, understanding the difference in thermal capacitance between the structures and the surrounding undisturbed soil. Just add heat from the sun and wait until it cools at night and then a difference […]

Finding Pyramids!

Last week, I took aim at how poorly aerial thermography was being applied for more efficient use of energy in buildings. The technique just doesn’t work and never has! However, the fault does not lie within aerial thermography. Aerial thermography  is nothing short of brilliant when used properly.

Last week, I heard a BBC story (click […]

Locating Levels in Tanks

The liquid/air interface of an egg is usually obvious. Take a look and you’ll see!

Thermographers are often surprised by what we find and no wonder because we are looking at the world as it has never been seen by the average person! I can still remember the first time, poking around the kitchen […]

Thinking Thermally---at the Beach!

I’ve had the good fortune to be on the Outer Banks of North Carolina this week. To redeem myself in the eyes of those still working away back in the office, I’ve done a bit of “Thinking Thermally” while here.

Surprisingly, it’s not been hard! The beach is one thermal event after another. Here are a […]

Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

Were you right? Were you almost there? Or were you in outer space…

Infrared Image

Visible Light Image

Answer: Image is of roof moisture! Taken by our very own Rick Maday, here is his description of the roof background and damage caught:

I took the image of the roof in Charlotte, NC while standing on […]