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How To Test Surface Temperatures With A Thermal Imager

To watch this video, click on the Ti125:

Ti125 Thermal Imaging Made Easy


Alien Vision – Hot Athletes, Cool Photos: A Thermographic View of Sports

By Tom Dahlin

Photo by Tom Dahlin Basketball and Track Thermal Composite – Things look different when imaged in long wave IR. Here, warm blood circulation shows up clearly.

If it’s a temporary lull
why’m I bored right outta my skull?
Man, I’m dressin’ sharp an’ feelin’ dull
….The Replacements

We all get bored sometimes. I seem to […]

Home Talk USA interviews Fluke's Jay Choi on Thermal Imaging

Recently, Fluke Thermal Imaging’s very own Jay Choi was featured on the Home Improvement Radio Network talk show, Home Talk USA, hosted by Michael “The Cajun Contractor” King. Jay was interviewed on the importance of thermal imaging in today’s building inspection and construction industries, describing how the use of thermal imaging cameras can significantly increase […]