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Adjusting Level and Span Manually--Part 2 of 2

Recently, I had an otherwise very bright student in a Level I course who had received no training since purchasing his imager three years before. He also had only ever used the system with the automatic image adjustment. An hour into the training, when (as we discussed last week) he realized the limitations of what […]

Adjusting Level and Span Automatically--Part 1

Adjusting the span (thermal contrast) and level (thermal brightness) of an image is essential to an accurate reading. Most imaging systems can make these adjustments automatically and, if you understand how the processing works (and doesn’t work), that can be a great advantage. Basically the AUTO function, if you are at a loss for how […]

Level and Span--a Definition

In thermography, “Span” refers to the difference between the high and low temperature settings on an infrared image.

“Level” is the mid-point of that span.

Let me use an example to help further explain this.

All Fluke thermal imagers can be set to either auto or manual span control. In the auto mode, the camera […]