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Roof Moisture Inspections

Roof moisture inspections are one of those applications of infrared thermography that many in the industry have heard of, but not so many have attempted.  It’s kind of a niche application, really.  In my decade or so of experience in this industry, I’ve only had the opportunity to be involved in a handful of these […]

Getting Down to Work on the Roof – Conducting your Inspection

Last week, I went into detail on tips to help you prepare for a roof inspection by conducting a pre-inspection during daylight hours. Now, I will explain necessary steps to take while inspecting a roof in the evening, and what you can expect to see if there are issues.

Before you begin, it is important to […]

The View From the Roof

The snow is nearly melted here in Central Vermont. If you are responsible for the maintenance of those low-slope roofs under which we work and live in, this is a great time to get up on the roof and conduct a spring inspection. A simple walkover with an inspection checklist in hand can […]

The Value Proposition for Infrared Roof Moisture Inspections

As I ended last week’s blog post, I emphasized that an investment in a roof moisture inspection can pay huge dividends. A roof system is typically one of the most expensive parts of a commercial building and—too often as the photograph shows—it is “out of sight and out of mind!” The costs are exorbitant—including the […]

How to Conduct a Roof Moisture Inspection Using Infrared Thermography

The inspection of many—but not all—low-slope roofs is straightforward. If you are dealing with a built-up roof (BUR) or a “bald” single-ply membrane that has aged several years, you should have good success using one of two basic strategies in which the wet insulation reveals itself thermally due to its higher heat capacitance or its […]

Roof Moisture and Infrared Thermography

Fly into any city or drive around one and you will notice acres and acres of low-slope roofs. These roofs are integral to commercial buildings in particular. On average, these roofs develop a serious leak within a year of installation and, typically as a result of the trapped moisture, they degrade and about […]

Teaser Infrared Image - The Answer

Were you right? Were you almost there? Or were you in outer space…

Infrared Image

Visible Light Image

Answer: Image is of roof moisture! Taken by our very own Rick Maday, here is his description of the roof background and damage caught:

I took the image of the roof in Charlotte, NC while standing on […]