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I Don't Know

Let’s face the facts: we are seen as experts. Customers expect answers from us, usually immediate answers. How tempting it can be to make them happy! Armed with our expensive, high-tech tools, it is all too easy to forget we can’t always come up with those answers.

The temperature difference on this failing surge […]

Dive into Questions and Grow into Knowledge

I’ve been working on a project this past week with a couple of young people. I’m impressed with two things. First, they have more energy than I have. Second, I have more experience than they have. While energy is great, relying on experience often means I know how to do things “smarter,” using less energy. […]

Back to the Basics

Some problems don’t necessarily “shout” at you. The increase in temperature of this surge protection device in a substation is only a few degrees warmer than normal. Seeing the signature required adjusting the imager skillfully. Understanding the device could fail at any moment required additional background knowledge and […]

Supporting Your Work, Part II

Reports are an essential part of our work. The professional standards I mentioned last week give good guidance on what that report should look like, at a minimum. Manufacturers like Fluke have done a superb job of developing report writing software that not only makes life simple but also produces great looking reports.

A […]

Predicting the IR Market

One year ago I made some predictions about where I thought the market might be headed (click here to read full post). It is useful, I think, to see how today’s reality compares with yesterday’s dreams.

• A $1,000 imager

We are close, but thankfully not yet there. Sales of lower-cost systems continue to grow. This has […]

End of an Era

What a glorious sight the orbiter was in nearly all positions but this one, in particular, as the booster fuel tanks were being released is amazing. Photo courtesy NASA.

After 135 missions in 30 years the space shuttle program has come to an end. The accomplishments were remarkable and the legacy the program has […]

We Can Help Cool Things Down!

For the past two weeks, I’ve talked about climate change and how we as thermographers can have a real role in slowing down the deadly effects we’ve begun to see. Our role can not only help to educate people—but also to directly slow our use of the world’s precious resources. So much of what thermographers do […]

Back to Basics (again), Part 2

Last week we talked about learning to recognize when the thermal images are in perfect focus and then practicing the techniques until you have confidence in your abilities to focus. Hopefully, no matter how long you’ve been using an imager, you’ve worked on those skills.

When you need a little extra help focusing, put […]

Back to Basics (again), Part 1

When a thermal image is poorly focused, like this of an electrical component, both accurate temperature measurement and interpretation are challenging or impossible. It is also just poor professional practice.

I hope I don’t put too many of you off with this, but I feel I must (again) revisit a couple of basic issues. […]

Cooking Up Some Heat Transfer

As many of you know, I enjoy cooking.

Need an excuse to grill? Fire up the BBQ, get out the imager and call it a lesson in Thinking Thermally!

Not only because I like the results—good food—but also because it’s a fun place to practice Thinking Thermally™. With the grilling season fast upon us, there […]