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What Palette to Use?

The image palettes we have available to us are remarkable. They’ve come so far since I first got into this business in 1983. We can now also easily change the palette in the software. Wow!

The Fluke AMBER palette with red and blue saturation indicators is a nearly perfect palette to use, especially in […]

Image Fusion

When Fluke IR-fusion® was first launched, I wondered whether or not it would be perceived as just another marketing gimmick, and if not, how well it would be used. Time has proven that few find it gimmicky and most use it very well.

In the field I nearly always use the Full Infrared setting (left) for […]

How a Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager Sees a Harley Davidson

…as a hot piece of metal!

Just the other day, Walt Greenwood contributed a story to The Kneeslider–a motorcyle technology blog. What does this have to do with thermography, you may ask? Well, Walt recently borrowed a Fluke Ti32 Thermal Imager to check the performance of his newly restored 1932 Harley Davidson motorcycle, and managed to […]

Focus, Focus, Focus--Why Focus is So Important

If we think about visual photography for a minute, what comes to mind when you have a picture that is not in focus? Can you pick out the details that are important to you, does it look good, and can you see the trees from the forest? Generally we toss those bad, out […]