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How To Test Surface Temperatures With A Thermal Imager

To watch this video, click on the Ti125:

Ti125 Thermal Imaging Made Easy


The “Auto” Range Feature: Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

One of the most widely used features added to cameras in recent years is the “auto” button or “auto range” setting.  In “auto mode,” or with the touch of the “auto button,” your imager will automatically adjust the level and span setting to account for the warmest and coolest items in the field of view […]

Master Infrared Thermography & Enter to Win a Free Fluke Thermal Imager!

Our Fluke Thermal Imaging training partner and blog contributor, John Snell, will be presenting the upcoming webinar from The Energy Center of Wisconsin (EWC) on Mastering Infrared Thermography. The webinar focuses on learning how to use infrared imaging properly to get the full value of its capabilities, with case studies on particular building inspections, as well […]