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Predicting the IR Market

One year ago I made some predictions about where I thought the market might be headed (click here to read full post). It is useful, I think, to see how today’s reality compares with yesterday’s dreams.

• A $1,000 imager

We are close, but thankfully not yet there. Sales of lower-cost systems continue to grow. This has […]

Upcoming Webinar on 6/01: Mastering Infrared Thermography

Please join us TOMORROW for Efficiency First’s Webinar!

Mastering Infrared Thermography: Tools & Techniques
Wednesday, June 1st @ 12:30 pm EST

This webinar presents infrared imaging features important for assessing residential buildings and will show you:

The important features of imaging equipment
How to use the technology throughout the year
How to identify the conditions required for successful thermal imaging of […]

Get Ready, Get Set, Get RESNET Certified!

I just got back from the RESNET national conference in Orlando, FL and am very excited to report that RESNET certification is now available!

Wondering what’s needed? Here are 3 key requirements:

• You must be a RESNET Building Performance Auditor or a Rater

• You must have 3 months experience using a thermal imaging system and […]

Teaser Infrared Image - What is it?

“Look out, it’s a giant alien Jellyfish!” No, it’s not that–if you’re like much of the United States and are getting hit by heavy storms, we’re sure you can appreciate one of these–what is it?

Infrared Image

Leave your answer in the comment section, and check back on Thursday for the answer!

Remarkable New Infrared Imaging Systems I am stunned!

I am stunned! After 28 years of using thermal imagers, I’ve recently used one that allows me to see things I have never seen before. The price? Under $10,000! Now I realize a $10K system is far from the least expensive system on the market—which gets you asking, as you should be, why should you […]

Introduction to Thermography for Building Sciences Seminar— with Michael Stuart and Home Performance Washington

Michael Stuart

On Thursday, January 20 in our backyard (Seattle, WA),  Michael Stuart of Fluke Thermal Imaging will give an all-day seminar on the basics of thermography for building sciences. Hosted by Home Performance Washington (HPW), this 6-8 hour seminar will cover the capabilities and limitations of infrared thermography technology, applications of the technology […]

Hello 2011…

I’ve never been very good at predicting the future! I missed the .com boom, I lost badly in the recession, and I certainly failed to pick the winner in the last few presidential elections. I’ve never even been good at guessing what the weather will be, but I just enjoy being out in whatever comes.

What […]

RESNET, BPI and Home Star—Important Organizations and Programs for Energy Efficiency

Most thermographers who inspect buildings know RESNET (Residential Energy Service Network), a 15-year old organization, as the “owner” of a program called Energy Star™. By helping homeowners rate the energy performance of new homes and linking that to financing options, RESNET has played a key role in ensuring that new homes use less energy than […]

Fluke TiR32 Featured in new Home Energy Auditing Commercial

Our TiR32 Thermal Imager was featured in the new Baltimore Gas & Electric home energy inspection commercial! We couldn’t be happier about seeing our signature Fluke-yellow imager featured in this commercial, which began airing around the greater Baltimore area in late September.

For nearly 200 years, Baltimore Gas & Electric has been meeting […]

Rockwell Automation Fair 2010

All of us from the Fluke Industrial team are running on a bit of adrenaline as the 2010 Rockwell Automation Fair, in Orlando, FL comes to a close. Everything about this year’s event was intensely positive and at times a little overwhelmingly so—but the buzz around the Fluke booth was unmistakable so we are really […]