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Predicting the IR Market

One year ago I made some predictions about where I thought the market might be headed (click here to read full post). It is useful, I think, to see how today’s reality compares with yesterday’s dreams.

• A $1,000 imager

We are close, but thankfully not yet there. Sales of lower-cost systems continue to grow. This has […]

Upcoming Webinar on 6/01: Mastering Infrared Thermography

Please join us TOMORROW for Efficiency First’s Webinar!

Mastering Infrared Thermography: Tools & Techniques
Wednesday, June 1st @ 12:30 pm EST

This webinar presents infrared imaging features important for assessing residential buildings and will show you:

The important features of imaging equipment
How to use the technology throughout the year
How to identify the conditions required for successful thermal imaging of […]

RESNET Thermography Guidelines

For the past several years, a dedicated group of thermographers has worked hard to develop and establish the new RESNET Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings. I am thrilled to say it is now in place and ready to be applied! The entire RESNET Guidelines document can be viewed here.

The poorly installed […]

Hello 2011…

I’ve never been very good at predicting the future! I missed the .com boom, I lost badly in the recession, and I certainly failed to pick the winner in the last few presidential elections. I’ve never even been good at guessing what the weather will be, but I just enjoy being out in whatever comes.

What […]

HOME STAR Act Passes--Great Progress for Buildings Thermographers and Contractors

This just in: The Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 (HR 5019) has just passed with the House of Representatives—by a large margin, at that! With a vote of 246 to 161, US Homeowners can continue to work towards their cause, contributing major efforts to increase energy-efficiency within their homes.  Not only that, but […]

Opportunity for Buildings Thermography and Home Performance Contractors

We’re going to change direction slightly for today’s blog post (sorry, Teaser Tuesday fans, we’ll be back next week!).  We have typically spoken of applications, technical tips, and other things directly related to the cameras and their uses—but today, we’d like to talk about something that could be very important to the business aspect of […]

ACI Home Performance Conference 2010 -- Highlights from Fluke!

We had an awesome time at this year’s Home Performance Conference hosted by ACI (Affordable Comfort, Inc.).  Met some great people, understood what users liked and didn’t like about thermal imaging products & services, had fun with our demo house, took tons of great pictures—and enjoyed the beautiful Texas weather!

Now that we’re back, we’d like […]