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Bundle Up Your Overcoats!

Adding more layers of clothing helps us keep warm in the winter by reducing heat transfer. But Frosty seems to do just fine without any additional layers.

In much of the country, including NC and GA where I just spent a couple weeks, the weather is quite “seasonal,” meaning it is getting cold—right on […]

A Case Study: Heat Transfer In Action

Over the past several weeks we’ve talked about how heat “moves,” or what is called heat transfer (steady state and transient) and the modes of transfer (conduction, convection and radiation). While it is important to have a solid understanding of the theoretical basics, how does all this really apply to what we do every day […]


Last week we discussed conductive heat transfer in solids. That is, how we feel warmth from a mug of coffee. But why is the handle on the mug so much cooler? One reason, of course, is the greater conductive pathway—or the distance to the heat source—but a more significant reason is probably convection. Heat transfers […]

Conduction: A Solid Way to Transfer Heat

Thermographers must have a solid understanding of how heat is transferred. We don’t necessarily need to take a college level course, but a practical understanding and being well-grounded in physics is essential. Why? Because mostly we see surfaces of things, but the heat we are most often truly interested in is internal. An abnormally warm […]