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Double Panes Music Video ft. Fluke FlexCam Thermal Imager

Although this music video is a year old, it never gets old to us. This Green Buildings music video was an original done by Stanford University students, and needless to say, it is amazing. Who knew energy efficiency, energy audits, blower doors, and thermal imaging could be so entertaining?

We are honored, yet again, to be […]

RESNET, BPI and Home Star—Important Organizations and Programs for Energy Efficiency

Most thermographers who inspect buildings know RESNET (Residential Energy Service Network), a 15-year old organization, as the “owner” of a program called Energy Star™. By helping homeowners rate the energy performance of new homes and linking that to financing options, RESNET has played a key role in ensuring that new homes use less energy than […]

Getting Ready for “Winter” Building Energy Inspections

John Snell in Winter Mode

As winter makes itself known—undeniably so here in Vermont, with hard frosts, flurries of “hard water” and a couple feet of snow in the mountains—it is useful to review the procedures and techniques for using our imagers to find problems, especially those in buildings.

Industry standards, including the new RESNET […]

Locating Building Air Leakage Using Infrared Thermography

We now know that adequately insulating buildings, while essential, is only part of what is required to minimize the energy use and maintain comfort. Buildings also leak air, typically three or more times than is useful, and most kinds of insulation don’t necessarily control it. Excessive air leakage can also cause moisture problems and, in […]

Building Insulation Inspections, Part 2

More and more people are getting into using thermography for building insulation inspections. Unfortunately, many either buy the wrong imaging system—some of the very low cost ones simply don’t have either the resolution or thermal sensitivity required—or fail to get adequate training. BOTH are a mistake! While inspections seem easy, most often they are […]

Building Insulation Inspections, Part 1

Thermography is almost magic when it comes to finding problems with insulation in buildings. Whether you are auditing a building, providing consulting services, doing work on it, or overseeing work for quality control purposes, thermography—used properly—is a powerful tool that pays great returns.

Remember, we can’t see into or through walls, but we do see […]