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Three Causes for IR Skepticism

In my nearly 30 years in this industry, I’ve seen lots of fads and gimmicks come and go.

All too often these fads seem to be the creations of over-zealous marketing departments who don’t have the practical scientific understanding to know how the technology is really used.

For example, the recent introduction of an imaging system (by […]

RESNET Thermography Guidelines

For the past several years, a dedicated group of thermographers has worked hard to develop and establish the new RESNET Guidelines for Thermographic Inspections of Buildings. I am thrilled to say it is now in place and ready to be applied! The entire RESNET Guidelines document can be viewed here.

The poorly installed […]

Locating Building Air Leakage Using Infrared Thermography

We now know that adequately insulating buildings, while essential, is only part of what is required to minimize the energy use and maintain comfort. Buildings also leak air, typically three or more times than is useful, and most kinds of insulation don’t necessarily control it. Excessive air leakage can also cause moisture problems and, in […]