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Remarkable New Infrared Imaging Systems I am stunned!

I am stunned! After 28 years of using thermal imagers, I’ve recently used one that allows me to see things I have never seen before. The price? Under $10,000! Now I realize a $10K system is far from the least expensive system on the market—which gets you asking, as you should be, why should you spend relatively more for an infrared imaging system? My response? You may not need it!

This is a home I’ve looked at under various conditions literally hundreds of times with dozens of different imagers. I have never been able to see the level of detail shown in this image. The difference is the imager!

Please realize however, I’m now seeing things with this particular thermal imager that I’ve never seen before. This is after having looked for certain details literally hundreds of times with dozens and dozens of different imaging systems.

Of course the conditions need to be ideal and we also need to know how to fully use the infrared imaging tool, no matter which one it is. But, in the end, the capabilities of the tool itself are what have made the difference. With the right conditions, these new tools, used properly, create a new reality in what is possible.

The area along the bottom of this large atrium is cold due to massive air infiltration, a problem clearly shown in this thermal image.

The three images I’m sharing here are all related to buildings, but the same new reality is true for all other applications. I’m not suggesting you should just run out and buy a new system, but I do want you to ask yourself, “what might I be missing and what is that worth to me?” When it comes time to invest in a new system, either your first or an additional one, consider investing just a bit more to discover what the added value might be to you.

I recently saw these two cooler (purple) areas on the outside of this double brick wall. They were caused differences in heat flow caused by a bulletin board and a cabinet on the interior side of the wall!

What is this “magic” infrared imager to which I’m referring to? It is the Fluke Ti32 thermal imager. No, I’m not being paid to endorse this system; rather I’m simply reporting the facts of my experience. I suspect there are other brands and systems that are comparable and if I get similar results from them, I’ll tell you about those as well. But the opportunities presented by this new system in particular are remarkable. This “old dog” (me) is amazed and more excited than ever about the potential for infrared technology!

Thinking Thermally,

John Snell—The Snell Group, a Fluke Thermal Imaging Blog content partner

6 comments to Remarkable New Infrared Imaging Systems

  • I am really glad to read this about the new Fluke Ti32. I am a member of NACBI and was recently in the market for a new imager. After spending countless hours gathering information, and comparing one imager to the next, I settled on the new Ti32. I have not been disappointed. It came with very high references from other members of our association and they were right. It is an amazing piece of equipment to have. Thanks for making me feel even better about it John.

  • Dan Laughbon

    John ,Thanks for the review of the Ti32 imager . I’ve heard a lot about this system and like everything I’m hearing so far. I’m not yet ready to trade in the ole ready and reliable Ti25 I’ve been using for about 4 yr.’s now. I have a question for you about your experience in using the Ti32 system , Was that the Tir32 or the Ti32 ? the article said Ti32 but you were using it on building inspections and getting great results. thanks again, Dan.

  • Fluke Thermography

    Thanks for the positive support of the Ti32!

    Chuck – We’re glad you decided to choose the Ti32–if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

    Dan – The Ti32 will be waiting for you once you’re ready to retire that Ti25 😉

  • “Was that the Tir32 or the Ti32 ?” Dan, these images were taken using the Ti32. I’ve found there to be no limitations with it for working with buildings also! I’m a big fan of the Ti25 as well and, as I said, I’m now seeing things I’ve never seen in the past…!

  • I haven’t tried this camera yet. How does it comare to FLIR B60? It looks like this one has better resolution… which Is a problem I think that the Flir b60 has. I would like to know how to two compare.

    I am James from
    We do heat loss surveys, thermal imaging surveys, flat roof thermography, & building diagnostics.

  • While the B60 is certainly a powerful imager, the Fluke Ti32 has better spatial resolution (320×240 vs. 180×180) and better thermal sensitivity (50mK vs. 70mK). The combination of these two factors will allow you to use if more often throughout the year and more hours on any given day. The interchangeable lenses are also a big plus.