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John Snell Featured on WX TV

Just recently, John Snell was featured on a WX TV weekly production on weatherization.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the department of energy’s weatherization assistance program, since 1977 it has provided high-quality measures, such as insulation and air sealing, to reduce home energy use for qualified low-income citizens. Infrared cameras are being used more and more as an invaluable tool when assessing insulation and air sealing work. John Snell, your “Level III Jedi Master of IR,” takes us through the inspection process and describes the benefits of using an IR camera to help point out deficiencies. With over 30 years of training experience, John knows that it takes a highly sensitive camera, such as one from the Fluke P3 series (featured in the video), to help point out the fine temperature discrepancies. Be sure to check out this informative (and humorous!) video from WX TV for some great weatherization techniques using an IR camera!

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