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Introducing the Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200 Advanced Performance Infrared Cameras

A new generation of tools with next generation performance

This trio of new Fluke infrared cameras is equipped with LaserSharp™Auto Focus. For consistently in-focus images. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.

Every infrared camera user knows that without an in-focus image temperature measurements may not be accurate and it’s much easier to miss a problem. LaserSharp™Auto Focus tells you exactly where you are focusing. This is point-and-shoot-and-get- it-right every single time performance.

Ti400 Infrared Camera with LaserSharp Auto Focus.

Ti400 Infrared Camera with LaserSharp Auto Focus.

• Communicate faster with wireless image transfer directly to your PC, Apple® iPhone® or iPad®
• Capture up to five additional measurements with CNX™ Wireless System for more complete analysis and reporting*
• Detect and communicate issues faster with patented Fluke IR-Fusion® technology with AutoBlend™ mode
• One-handed, easy-to-use interface
• Ruggedized high resolution 640×480 capacitive touch screen for quick menu navigation
• Capture additional digital images to show location or additional site details with IR-PhotoNotes™ Annotation System
• Standard and radiometric video recording*
• Streaming video (USB and HDMI)
• Text*, voice recording and annotation gets additional details saved with the image file

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