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Imager Lens Care Basics

As a conscientious maintenance professional, you no doubt take pride in your equipment.  As such, you take the proper actions to make sure your tools are in tip-top shape.  Your camera is no different.  You make sure to keep it secure in its case when you transport it, you protect it from dirt, moisture, harsh environments, and perform regular maintenance or calibration as needed.  Part of you care regimen might be to clean the lens periodically.  However, sometimes good intentions can yield negative results if you don’t take precaution when cleaning your camera lens.

Of course your camera lens will require cleaning from time to time, but it’s important that when you clean it that you clean it properly.  In nearly every type of facility where infrared cameras are employed you can find safety glasses cleaning stations.  While prepackaged lens wipes are convenient, and work well on safety glasses, arc flash face shields, and laptop screens, they are not intended for use on your camera lens.

Your thermal imager lens has special coatings that enhance the transmissivity of the lens material as well as mitigate other unwanted wavelengths.  With improper cleaning, the coatings can become damaged.  Make sure that you only use the manufacturer’s recommend cleaning solution when cleaning your lens, and make sure you only do it as often as is needed. Repeated cleanings, even with the right solution and wipes, can cause wear of the lens coating, shortening the useful life of your lens.  Protect your camera, keep it clean, but do it right!


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