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FlukeTI Featured in Plant Services article: Electrical Enlightenment

In a recent article by, which highlights some of the safety issues that are common in electrical power distribution systems, industry leaders from some of the top engineering companies such as Miller Engineering, Schneider Electric, EMP Engineering Services, and Fluke, offered great insight on how to stay safe and prevent problems when working with high power electrical systems.

Frank Healy, Power Quality Products Manager at Fluke Corp stated in the article, “Personal protective equipment, safety category ratings and arc flash calculation are extremely important to plant maintenance personnel, as well as to engineers. In general, avoid working power live unless it’s necessary to troubleshoot performance.”

Additionally, Rick Maday, Fluke Product Manager said, “As the frequency of IR inspections increases, so too does the exposure to and risk of arc flash. Enclosures must be opened to scan with IR and doing so greatly increases the likelihood of an arc flash explosion. IR windows can mitigate this risk. They let infrared scans be performed without opening enclosures, virtually eliminating the risk of an arc flash.”

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***In addition, this video is GREAT for explaining how exactly IR windows works.

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