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Fluke Imagers Featured on Electric TV

Michael Stuart was recently featured on a special thermography web episode on ElectricTV.  In the video, Michael displays his expertise and walks us through a few common situations that demonstrate some of the usual electrical and electro-mechanical applications of thermal imaging.  From the electrical distribution panel to motors and pumps, Michael shows us where we can detect areas of potential energy waste, spot problems that can reduce equipment life, and often save significant money and frustration.  Emergency maintenance can cost up to 10 times the amount of regular preventive maintenance, and part of that preventive maintenance should include thermography. Most importantly, as Michael states, “The worst possible thing that you can have happen in your facility is if someone gets hurt.”  Thermography is important from a safety standpoint, as well as an economic and energy efficiency standpoint. This video shows us a few of the important ways that a thermal imager can be used to help you save!

Fluke's Michael Stuart featured in the video.

The full video can be seen here:

1 comment to Fluke Imagers Featured on ElectricTV

  • Dan Laughbon

    Great stuff ..I saw the video last week & tried to leave a comment on the face book page but I must have goofed something up anyway, I thought It was a good demo and presntation of thermal Imaging. Good job Michael and by the way you did look good in your protective gear, always good to have on.