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Infrared Cameras: The Answer my Friend is NOT Blowing in the Wind

Regardless if you’re inspecting buildings, roofs, or electrical or mechanical apparatus, when you have an abundance of air movement across a surface, there is an increase in heat loss or gain on that surface from convective cooling or heating.

Convective cooling is often discussed in many applications of thermography.  Often the result is cooling of anomalous […]

A Thermal Success Story

We have several customers that we visit and perform infrared scans for on a regular basis. Recently we were in a textile mill in a state where we’ve been performing inspecting for the past four years.  The equipment list has remained virtually unchanged in the time we’ve been inspecting there. The only variances were during shutdowns for […]

Fall is in the Air (and the Sky)

As the Northern Hemisphere edges quickly into Fall—and here in Vermont those changes are undeniable despite a week of sunny days—I find it useful to consider the factors that determine the temperature of the objects we so often look at with our imagers. It is not uncommon, for example, to find one elevation of a […]

The Equinox

As I write this, we’ve just moved into Fall, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. Our friends “down south” are enjoying the first bursts of Spring. In the busy world of email and text messages, rushing off to the airport and ordering a pizza for dinner, who cares about the equinox? Who even remembers […]

Thermal Solutions and Motor Solutions Conferences by The Snell Group

Are you interested in thermal imaging for Electrical Systems or Weatherization? If so, join The Snell Group for their two-day LIVE online Thermal Solutions conference, Sept. 7-8. Day one features Infrared for Electrical Systems and day two features Thermal Imaging for Weatherization. Webinars consist of three 45-minute segments followed by a question and answer session. […]

Tips for Thermography Education

By Michael Stuart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Fluke Thermal Imaging Products

One evening last week, I had the pleasure to serve as a guest instructor for a group of about forty students (and faculty) in an energy audit/building performance course at the Georgetown Campus of South Seattle Community College. A friend of mine, who is one of the […]

Upcoming Webinar on 6/01: Mastering Infrared Thermography

Please join us TOMORROW for Efficiency First’s Webinar!

Mastering Infrared Thermography: Tools & Techniques
Wednesday, June 1st @ 12:30 pm EST

This webinar presents infrared imaging features important for assessing residential buildings and will show you:

The important features of imaging equipment
How to use the technology throughout the year
How to identify the conditions required for successful thermal imaging of […]

The Fluke CashPAK Rebate Offer is BACK - Offer Extended Until May 31, 2011

**Fluke has extended their CashPAK promotion until May 31, 2011 – Get Up to $1,500 Cash Back with your Thermal Imaging Purchase!**

The offer is simple.  If you have been thinking about buying a new Ti32 or TiR32 thermal imager, all you have to do is fill out the Fluke CashPAK Rebate Form with your purchase to take […]

Fluke Provides Student Training Tool Kits for Training Affiliate Instructors Preparing Workforce for BPI Certification Exams

Fluke Corporation is lending the latest test tools from Fluke and Amprobe to help trainees learn to inspect homes and buildings, diagnose their energy efficiency and improve their performance and comfort.

This new “Hands-On-Training Tub” (HOT Tub) Program is a Fluke-sponsored equipment loan program for training affiliates of the national Building Performance Institute (BPI).  BPI training […]

Fluke Thermography CashPAK Promotion – Get Up to $1,500 Cash Back with your Thermal Imaging Purchase!

Have you been thinking about buying a new thermal imager? How would you like to get up to $1,500 cash back on a new Ti25 or TiR1? Or maybe you’d prefer six Fluke IR Windows, valued at $2,394 to sweeten the deal on your newly purchased TiR32…

Whichever option best fits your deepest thermal desire, we are […]