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Mechanical IR Safety

There’s a lot written about electrical safety as it applies to infrared inspections.  The danger of electric shock and exposure to arc flash hazards must be considered when inspecting electrical apparatus with thermography. What isn’t discussed nearly as often are the hazards associated with mechanical infrared inspections, of which there are many.

Roller Bearing

Ambient Temperature Defined

Even in applications where qualitative analysis is utilized, most reports include temperatures.  For comparison purposes it’s advisable to measure a point of comparison, or reference, for the anomalous finding.  In electrical applications, we generally advise comparing an adjacent phase of the same apparatus under similar load and environmental conditions.  For mechanical applications it may be […]

How do You Get to Carnegie Hall?

The punch line to the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” is three simple words, “Practice, practice, practice.”  The same would hold true if there was a thermographic equivalent to Carnegie Hall. You’d get there with practice … lots of it!

Some folks who come to Level I infrared training, however, express that […]

A Thermal Success Story

We have several customers that we visit and perform infrared scans for on a regular basis. Recently we were in a textile mill in a state where we’ve been performing inspecting for the past four years.  The equipment list has remained virtually unchanged in the time we’ve been inspecting there. The only variances were during shutdowns for […]