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Episode 2: Chip Wade Discusses Ease-of-Use

In the second part of a six-part series, Chip Wade discusses the importance of easy-to-use navigation in a thermal imager. He showcases specific features of the T1R1 that helps users easily and accurately take thermal images, and similar to a digital camera, users can swiftly download their images directly from the memory card.

The T1R1 also […]

Fall is in the Air (and everything else), Part Three

As I’ve written about over the past two weeks, there are a number of factors that determine what the temperature of a surface will be beside the energy inherent to it. We need to understand them so that we can make a valid analysis of what is really going on.

As an example, imagine an abnormally […]

Expert Craftsman Chip Wade Explores Fluke Thermal Imager

Expert craftsman Chip Wade takes us on a diagnostic tour of a 100+ year old house. In a 6 part-series, Chip inspects this residence with a Fluke TiR1 and finds many problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. He will be guiding us on the many benefits of using a thermal imager for home inspection and […]

What is Thermal Imaging?

Have you been hearing about the benefits of thermal imaging, but aren’t quite sure exactly what it is or how it can help you? In this short video, we take a step back and explain what thermal imaging actually is. We cover the basic principles of how the camera works and a few of the […]

Fall is in the Air (and the Wind), Part Two

Last week we focused on the affect radiational cooling and heating has on surface temperature. If you still have any doubts about this, just go outside in the sun and again on a clear night and observe the great variation of temperatures you find on your thermal images. Many of them are related to radiation.

When […]

Fall is in the Air (and the Sky)

As the Northern Hemisphere edges quickly into Fall—and here in Vermont those changes are undeniable despite a week of sunny days—I find it useful to consider the factors that determine the temperature of the objects we so often look at with our imagers. It is not uncommon, for example, to find one elevation of a […]

2D vs. 3D: See the Difference

Don’t get stuck in 2D. Watch this informative video on how 3D reporting in Fluke SmartView software can give you a view from EVERY angle. When viewing traditional 2D images sometimes situations can be misdiagnosed.  See what a difference 3D reporting makes.

To see a video demonstration of Fluke SmartView, click HERE. And remember, Fluke SmartView […]

Thinking Thermally in the Fall

“Ground fog” is common in many areas in the fall as cold air settles in the valleys and the moisture in it condenses. The changes in color of the fall foliage are also closely related to temperature change and the physiology of the trees.

Fall has continued to come on quickly. While we’ve enjoyed […]