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The Equinox

As I write this, we’ve just moved into Fall, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. Our friends “down south” are enjoying the first bursts of Spring. In the busy world of email and text messages, rushing off to the airport and ordering a pizza for dinner, who cares about the equinox? Who even remembers […]

Fluke’s TiS wins 2011 CSE Product of the Year and Test Tool Product MVP

Consulting-Specifying Engineer provides the engineering community with premium research and information, and every year the have consumers vote on the test tool products of the year. This year it was the Fluke TiS thermal imaging scanner that reigned supreme, not only winning its category, but also claiming top prize among all products as 2011 MVP. TiS is specially engineered for […]

Who Who’s Blog: Scott Warga

This week we had the privilege to talk to with Scott Warga, ACSI American Construction Specialists & Investigations LLC who shared his thoughts on the importance of education, thermography tips, and how to catch animals in the act of doing something mischievous (we’ll explain this shortly).

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I do […]

Heat Transfer, Temperature and R-value

Hopefully many of you tried my suggestion last week of filling a mug with hot coffee or tea and observing it with your imager as it went through a thermal cycle. If not, please do so as there are many valuable lessons to be learned. Also useful is distilling the temperature changes for the mug […]

FlukeTI Featured in Plant Services article: Electrical Enlightenment

In a recent article by, which highlights some of the safety issues that are common in electrical power distribution systems, industry leaders from some of the top engineering companies such as Miller Engineering, Schneider Electric, EMP Engineering Services, and Fluke, offered great insight on how to stay safe and prevent problems when working with […]

What Does the Surface Temperature Really Mean?

We know the direction of heat transfer is from hotter to cooler, but sometimes the temperatures we measure can be misleading. Particularly, when the process of transfer is still in transition, the temperatures will not have peaked yet. Also when a surface is being strongly influenced by outside forces—such as evaporation, sun, wind […]

Fluke TiR32 Thermal Imager - Focusing Ease

One of the greatest features on the Fluke TiR32 is its masterful and intuitive way to focus the imager.  An independent study conducted by Blink Interactive confirmed that once again, Fluke outshined the competition. There are three main reasons why users choose Fluke thermal imagers: Manual focus was preferred by 86% of users interviewed because […]

Blink Interactive Survey Shows FlukeTI’s Ease of Use

Wondering how the Fluke Ti32 measures up on ease of use? In a video survey conducted by Blink Interactive, 70% of users ranked Fluke as easiest to use overall.  When it came to focusing and capturing images, end-users stated they choose Fluke because of it’s easy-to-use and high quality manual focus, simple picture taking and […]

Slowing Heat Transfer

A tea cozy keeps a pot of tea warmer longer by reducing heat transfer, primarily conductive transfer.

My blog last week was changed at the last minute to talk about Hurricane Irene. Although she “cooled” compared to what was predicted, the damage was significant, especially here in Vermont where 7 inches of rain in […]

Thermal Solutions and Motor Solutions Conferences by The Snell Group

Are you interested in thermal imaging for Electrical Systems or Weatherization? If so, join The Snell Group for their two-day LIVE online Thermal Solutions conference, Sept. 7-8. Day one features Infrared for Electrical Systems and day two features Thermal Imaging for Weatherization. Webinars consist of three 45-minute segments followed by a question and answer session. […]